Offering EIA & SEA Consulting Services

Factus Environmental provides consulting services in environmental assessment to help companies through the permitting process or comply with environmental regulations. 

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a systematic process used to identify adverse environmental effects of a proposed developmental project prior to a decision to move forward or not with the project. It is a predictive tool of analysis and its main purpose is to influence the decision making in order to prevent or minimize the environment impacts of a project. EIA identifies environmental issues and make recommendations to avoid negative environmental effects or mitigate them to acceptable levels. Because it provides input advice at the predecision level, EIA is a powerful tool in promoting sustainable development. 

In most jurisdictions, the EIA process follows a series of main steps, which generally comprises the following:
1. Screening
2. Scoping
3. Baseline conditions
4. Impacts Prediction
5. Alternatives Analysis
6. Mitigation Measures and 
Management Plan
7. Monitoring and Follow-up
8. Public consultation

Public participation is transversal and an important part of the whole process. The public involvement has to be considered throughout the process. This can be a very challenging part of the process for the proponent but in the meantime offers a unique opportunity for support of the project as the public and concerned citizens will be able to clearly express their views and feelings about the project while the proponent will be able to explain, clear doubts and build a trustful relationship with communities. Open communication is often a good way to diffuse tensions among project stakeholders and lead to successful projects.  

Strategic Environmental AssessmentSEA is similar to EIA, but unlilke EIA which is designed for projects before they are carried out, SEA  applies to policies, plans and programs. As an analytical tool used during the early stage of the decision making process, it has the potential to provide relevant information that address environmental concerns at strategic level and therefore helping in the design of more sustainable developmental programs and projects. 

Factus can help your organization in conducting high quality EIA and SEA. Factus is commited to the bedrock principles that make good quality environmental assessment and will be always using the best science available when carrying out environmental analysis and making impacts prediction. Its findings and recommendations are ultimately based on true science and facts and not opinions.