Life Cycle Analysis

Environmental Life CYCLE Analysis is a systematic tool used for assessing the environmental Impacts of a product or Service. The application of LCA can shift the narrative from pollution remediation to pollution prevention and lead to less polluting products by incorporating environmental concerns at an early stage at the design of the products. A complete LCA includes the quantification of resources and amount of energy used and environmental releases throughout the product life cycle:  
raw material acquisition, manufacturing, storage transportation, distribution and disposal or recycling.

The ultimate goal is to minimize both hazardous releases to air, land or water and waste for a specific product, process or service. By preventing or minimizing pollution, companies reduce environmental costs and future liabilities. Typical atmospheric emissions include:-VOC, SOx, NOx, CO, NH3, Lead (Pb), Cr, and Particulates matters among others.  

FACTUS can help design and conduct a LCA to help your company minimize its environmental footprint