The Economist  The new economics of Sheikh Oil vs. Shale Oil economics of oil have changed. Some businesses will go bust, but the market will be healthier

BP PLC agreed to pay $18.7 billion to settle all federal and state claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, including the biggest pollution penalty in U.S. history


The National Energy Board used to be a sleepy bureaucratic organization. Now it's ground zero for the debate over pipeline projects. Meet the man who's at the center of both

Will the World become battery-powered? That's certainly the ambition of Elon Musk, the PayPal billionaire turned would-be space explorer and electric car baron

Macleans  The untold story of the Keystone pipeline war

Two thousand miles west of Washington, D.C., on the vast prairie, you can drive for hours on roads that were once wagon trails, and rarely pass another car or truck

Huge dump trucks lined up in 2012 to transport tar sand from a surface mine, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Few domestic policy issues have prompted more controversy recently than whether to build the Keystone XL pipeline

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L’incertitude qui affecte l’économie mondiale, le flé- chissement dans les prix de plusieurs substances minérales et la difficulté d’avoir accès au capital, notamment pour les petites sociétés d’exploration minière, ont marqué l’année 2013

It was a decade ago when upheavals in the Middle East held the West 'over a barrel' - quite literally, giving rise to the so-called petro-politics that have since dominated the global stage

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Mexican gold miner, Argonaut Gold (TSE:AR), reached a friendly $341-million deal to acquire Prodigy Gold (CVE:PDG), an exploration company that focuses on Eastern Canada


It's no surprise that safety managers spend a great deal of time staying current on safety legislation. 

With Canada and the U.S. set to toughen fuel-economy standards for light-duty passenger vehicles, will the energy sector be left in the dust? 

New initiative to stop gas being flared off from oil production sites could prevent millions of tonnes of emissions being spewed into the atmosphere

Environment Today  Environmental Effects of PesticidesEnvironmental Effects of Pesticides                       

Pesticides are toxic chemicals designed to be deliberately released into the environment. Although each pesticide is meant to kill a certain pest, a very large percentage of pesticides reach a destination other than their target

David Suzuki  Strengthening Alberta's Carbon regulations Photo: The new language of climate change

Strengthening Alberta's regulations is a good interim strategy on the road to a long-term climate action plan

Climate News Network  Pakistan turns desert into a sea of solar panels

Pakistan turns desert into a sea of solar panels

Economic links with China help Pakistan tap into enormous solar energy potential that can provide clean power to boost production and reduce poverty

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Health Canada has strikingly revised its position on the health risks of asbestos exposure, bringing the federal government more in line with other developed countries

Business Insider  US Supreme court rejects EPA mercury emission limitsSupreme Court on Monday rejected federal environmental regulations requiring power plants to limit emissions of mercury and other pollutants

Washington (AFP) - The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected federal environmental regulations requiring power plants to limit emissions of mercury and other pollutants

AREVA Resouces Canada just submitted its final environmental impact statement for its proposed Kiggavik uranium mine near Baker Lake. This photo of the printed binders ran with the company's news release, on their website. (PHOTO COURTESY KIGGAVIK.CA)

Six years after proposing Nunavut’s first uranium mine and milling operation west of Baker Lake, Areva Resources Canada has taken a big step forward by submitting its final environmental impact statement to the Nunavut Impact Review Board

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Power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide – an atmospheric pollutant with both health and climate impacts – have increased across India in recent years, according to a new analysis of data from a NASA satellite

An estimated 1m gallons of the orange-brown water broke free from a shoddy dam and is flowing down the Animas River toward a lake in a national park...

The African continent could generate nearly a quarter of its energy needs through the use of clean, renewable energy by 2030, according to a new report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Inside Climate News After Years of Inaction, EPA Tightens Toxic Air Standard for Oil Refineries
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The federal government has issued new guidelines to correct the chronic underestimation of toxic air pollutants emitted from oil refineries and petrochemical plants